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Welcome to the world's first health and safety directory for America's premier singles. The database is comprised of socially responsible members who have passed a background test and an STD screening and proven that health and safety are their top priority. While not a dating site, XOXY's pre-screening dating tools are the perfect complement to any dating site, or in person encounter and prove that you are one in a million. XOXY ensure's your first flirt becomes your first date and not your first mistake!


You would think that passing a health screen, a background check and uploading a real-time photo would be a standard requirement on all dating sites, but sadly, it's not.

Safe healthy relationships begin with XOXY

XOXY (pronounced “Zoxy”) credentialed members are highly visible and stand out from the crowd of 40 million online singles in any dating platform or Smart phone app. You've found your potential someone by way of dating sites or in the real world. Before you make that first date, quickly verify that they have passed the XOXY health and safety tests. Our unique group of members hold themselves to a higher standard. Now, you can date with confidence.

Protect yourself and your loved ones and demand a safer and more socially responsible dating environment. Whether you are a first time dater, newly single or a parent of a loved one entering the dating scene, the XOXY membership, pre-screening tools and safe dating credential are right for you.




Newly single, Lisa Meets Bob through a friend, Alex at a nightclub, Michael at the gym and Renny online. A hectic work schedule limits her time so she chooses Michael. Six months later she dumps him after discovering he has a criminal record and a week later learns through a friend that Bob has an STD. Disillusioned by the hazards of dating, she wishes there was a better way.



Sarah meets Kevin through a friend, Richard in a bar, David online and Jack at a concert. As a credentialed XOXY member, Sarah searches XOXY the day she meets each one and discovers that only Kevin and Jack are also credentialed. She decides to date Jack first and falls in love on the first date. Six months later they are choosing wedding venues.

Did you know?


  • 1 in 4 Americans will contract an STD in their lifetime

  • One out of two people will get an STD before they turn 25

  • Nationwide, genital herpes is spread every 30 seconds– 90% of those with Herpes are unaware they have it

  • 1.1 million people in the United States have AIDS, 16% of whom are unaware that they live with the infection

  • 1 in 3 American women will be sexually abused during their lifetime, according to George Mason University

  • 1 in 5 women has been sexually assaulted on college campuses, according to a White House task force

What is your safety worth?
  • For less than 80¢ a day, give yourself the peace of mind you’ve been looking for with XOXY
  • Only $139 for your 6 month membership/ credential
  • The Search Only option is free, and allows the user to ask a potential date to get Xoxy with the ability to verify their credential through our user registry





  • Quickly identify singles who have passed a background check and STD screening

  • Stand out among the 108 million single Americans

  • Speed up the dating experience

  • Eliminate that awkward conversation about health status

  • Start with honest and transparent dating

Your XOXY Credential includes:


  • Cost of STD Test (value of $250)

  • Cost of Background Check (value of $85)

  • Free iPhone and Android App

  • Ability to display your Credential on smartphone or website for 6 months

  • Ability to look up other Credentialed members for 6 months