Stand Out
XOXY (pronounced “Zoxy”) credentialed members are highly visible and stand out from the crowd of 40 million online singles in any dating platform or Smart phone app. You've found your potential someone by way of dating sites or in the real world. Before you make that first date, quickly verify that they have passed the XOXY health and safety tests. Our unique group of members hold themselves to a higher standard. Now, you TOO can date with confidence using a proven industry tool.

XOXY is now more robust than ever! In addition to offering our self-initiated and privacy protected standard XOXY credential and a date stamped photo, we now have:
  1. FREE SEARCH/REFER OPTION- allows users to sign up, refer their potential date to get XOXYied and verify that the credential has been received through the user Lookup Registry
  2. BACKGROUND/IDENTITY- Paid credential where user receives date-stamped photo, confirmation of no felonies or sex offenses plus above features.
  3. BACKGROUND AND STD- Paid credential that includes the above plus an STD check through trusted partner, Quest Diagnostics ( please view our FAQS page for a list of STDS tested).
  4. STD CREDENTIAL- Our Solo STD credential allows you to go to your physician and have the STD panel testing covered through your insurance.

    We now test for the ZIKA VIRUS for those who have traveled to affected areas and those who show symptoms.

All of this in a one stop mobile app that enhances your safety and security when dating in the real world and online.
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Newly single, Lisa meets Bob through a friend, Alex at a nightclub, Michael at the gym and Renny online. A hectic work schedule limits her time so she chooses Michael. Six months later she dumps him after discovering he has a criminal record and a week later learns through a friend that Bob has an STD. Disillusioned by the hazards of dating, she wishes there was a better way.


Sarah meets Kevin through a friend, Richard in a bar, David online and Jack at a concert. As a credentialed XOXY member, Sarah searches XOXY the day she meets each one and discovers that only Kevin and Jack are also credentialed. She decides to date Jack first and falls in love on the first date. Six months later they are choosing wedding venues.

Did you know?
  • Over $85 million is defrauded annually due to dating scams
  • 1.1 million people in the United States have AIDS, 16% of whom are unaware that they live with the infection
  • 1 in 3 American women will be sexually abused during their lifetime, according to George Mason University
  • 1 in 5 women has been sexually assaulted on college campuses, according to a White House task force

What XOXY is?
  • XOXY provides a personal security credential with no results or personal information in the app (if a person fails they are not in the app-no negative consequences). The credential last for six months.
  • Avoids an awkward conversation in person and online.
  • Affords a free tool to screen whether your potential date has any felonies, sex offenses or an STD and includes a real time photo.
  • STD and Background verification tool that can be integrated with online dating sites
  • Supports Internet Dating Safety Act for matchmakers, Meetup groups and online dating sites.
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