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Not all of these first date ideas are going to suit each woman. But dating, and especially the first date, is all about forming a connection. Camaraderie, uniqueness, stimulus, and conversation are needed, and most traditional dates lack a little punch in those areas. So guys, consider one of these more offbeat suggestions next time you want to impress.

Instead of a Restaurant – Picnic! 

Most people can agree that there’s nothing sexy about traipsing off to a stucco-clad franchise restaurant on a first date. Same boring menu, same boring decorations, same boring time. But even few upscale eateries can compare to the overwhelming power of the picnic. You can pick a great view, bring great food and wine, and you’re surrounded by constant stimulation and inspiration. This is one of those first date ideas that you should absolutely bring back into fashion.

Instead of a Movie – Arcade!

The movie date is an old standard for most people, and it deserves to be scrapped. Of all first date ideas, none are as wasteful as staring mutely at a screen for two hours. There’s no conversation, no real shared experience, nothing unique. Take that girl to the arcade! You still get all the flashing lights and screens, but now there’s movement, competition, and a little adventure to give it spice. Go head-to-head on some ski ball and air hockey, or mow down some zombies together on a first-person shooter. Whatever you do, it will be an actual activity and not a dodge.

Instead of a Cafe – Bookstore Cafe!

Meeting for coffee is perfectly cool, but why not pick a place that has some built-in accessories? Grab your coffees, wander around, pick up some books, and let the conversation practically flow by itself. This is an invaluable opportunity for you and your date to reveal your interests to each other.

Instead of a Concert – Music stores!

Everyone loves a show, and taking your date to a first-rate band can give you mad dating points. However, consider the humble music store among your first date ideas. Loud shows aren’t often the best places to get acquainted- crowd noise and the blaring audio can be pretty distracting. But music stores, much like book stores, give you the opportunity to show each other your tastes. Just thumb through some albums and let the talk happen. Find a couple close together and make it a whole afternoon.

Instead of a Walk – Local Outdoor Events!

Sometimes you just want to meet somewhere and stroll. That’s just dandy- nothing wrong with enjoying the scenery. But you can make it even more memorable by checking for local farmers markets, street fairs, and walking tours. It still lets you enjoy the sights and gives you a more distinctive experience.

Remember, first dates are all about having fun and standing out. With simple twists on conventional first date ideas, you’ll be sitting pretty for a second meeting. Go get ‘em, tiger!

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