Posted on December 9, 2014 by Bradley

1. Verify someone’s identity – make sure who you are talking to online is who they say they are. There are millions of people who create false personas to trick people, whether they are purposely trying to be harmful or not.
2. Understand a person’s criminal history – take in consideration if a potential dater has had a criminal past. Not all crimes are serious but are still accounted for. Daters should know whom they are engaging with, if they have ever committed a crime, and if so, what the crime was.
3. Uphold personal safety – Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to a criminal. Your safety is important and should be taken seriously when meeting strangers online.
4. When children are involved – a background check should be mandatory for those who have children living in the home. Not only are adults hurt because of their failure to look into another person’s background, but children have been put at risk as well.
5. Financial protection – many people are out there dating solely to find money. Research shows that many people who are well off tend to conduct more background searches, which is smart for those looking for serious relationships and marriage.

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