Posted on December 30, 2014 by Bradley

If you’ve been online dating for a while and have found a potential ‘someone’, you may be ready to take the next steps and take a date ‘off-line’. But are you really ready for a first date? Here are some first date tips to keep it a safe one.
Meet at a Public Place
Great places for a first date are cafes, shopping centers and trendy lunch locales. A casual option with lots of people keeps your safety at its highest priority.
Drive Yourself
It may seem gallant to be picked up for a first date, but it is not safe. Always meet a date a safe location. When exiting your car, watch for approaching strangers. Don’t let a first date walk you to your car – especially at night. Always park in a well-lit area.
Going Out at Night? – Bring a Wingman (or Woman)
If you are going to meet at night club, suggest a group atmosphere. Having a friend on hand for a first date can help with many things including keeping the conversation light and fun while also keeping you safe.
Going Alone? – Let Someone Know Where You Are
If you do decide to meet a first date alone, let a close friend know where you will be. Text them when you get there and throughout the date (without annoying your date of course). Before you head home, let your friend know that you’re safe and heading home. Once you get home, send one last text to let me know you’re home safe.
Watch Your Alcohol
Getting drunk on a first date is never a good idea. Not only may you turn-off your potential match, alcohol lowers your inhabitations and can create a dating safety risk. For example, if you’ve driven yourself to a date but are too drunk to drive, your date may offer to drive you home. While this may seem like a safe thing to do, for a first date – a cab is a safer option.
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