Posted on November 1, 2014 by Bradley

You’ve met someone online and they want to meet. It sounds like it might be fun and it is definitely exciting to meet the potential “Mr. Right,” but there definitely are some safety precautions to keep in mind for your first few meetings.

Keep in mind that you do not know this person, except for what he has on his profile and what you have chatted (either online or on the phone) about.

Here are a few tips for your first few meetings:

Get to know him for a while first before agreeing to meet. Ask a lot of questions to help you get to know him better and vet him as a potential partner.

Do not feel like you have to meet someone. Just because you have chatted with someone online does not mean that you owe them a face-to-face meeting.

Do not give out your address or phone number.

Meet in a public, well-lit location – such as a park, café, restaurant or bar (just careful not to over indulge!) Lunch or coffee is great for the first few meetings.

Use your own transportation to meet – do not let him pick you up at your house or give him your address. And even though he seems great at the first meeting, do not accept a ride home.

Tell your friends & family – let them know you are going out on a date, with whom and details such as when & where. Arrange for friends to meet you at a place nearby after a certain amount of time.

Always carry your cell phone with you.

Go Dutch – paying for the other person is nice, but until you know one another well, it is better to split the bill.

Limit the Details – It is great to get to know someone, but you don’t want to tell him everything about you all at once. You want to keep things fun and light in the beginning with some details, but not too many.

Listen to Him – You asked a lot of questions about him before you met. Does what he is saying line up with the info on his profile and the other information he has told you?

Trust yourself – everyone has a gut instinct. If yours is telling you that something isn’t right – TRUST it! We all want to believe that everyone is honest and safe out there in the world, but the cold fact is, not everyone is. So trust yourself and you don’t need to make excuses or feel bad, if something is not right, do not stay.

Got Kids? – that is great if you do, but it is best to keep your kids out of your dates until you are pretty serious. Also, do not post photos of them on your dating profile.

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