XOXY helps you understand the type of person you encounter when dating. If someone possesses the XOXY credential, you can be assured this person takes health and safety seriously. They have not tested positive for an STD, and that person does not have a felony conviction or any sexual offense record.

How XOXY works is simple: XOXY partners with third parties to run background checks and STD testing laboratories. Our partners simply give XOXY the “thumbs up” so we can issue the XOXY credential or the “thumbs down” where we do not grant the XOXY credential. When you use XOXY, you need to know that the XOXY credential is only good for six months after the award, and will only be reissued when you resubmit for STD testing and background testing.

Background Check

We will perform a background check on you to include felony convictions, felony and misdemeanor sex offenses, confirming your most recent address, and your date of birth. The results of the background check will be made available only to XOXY and yourself.

The search and resulting data are collected from numerous public sources of information and this search and the resulting data is not governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). XOXY does not retain or have access to the detailed results of the background check. These detailed results will be made available to you via a secure hyperlink to a background check partner. XOXY cannot assist you with correcting or clarifying the data, and XOXY has no obligation or responsibility to assist you in correcting or clarifying the data.

STD Testing

XOXY provides STD testing for: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes II, Hepatitis B and C, and HIV-1 and 2. Our services are not for treatment or diagnosis. We are not providing a medical service, and we are not a replacement for any medical service, including your primary care physician. You cannot, and should not, use any of our services as a substitute for the care and treatment of a physician. We are not a laboratory. Licensed laboratories unaffiliated with us will test your specimen. XOXY will not receive a copy of any laboratory test or any other medical test. Tests and test results are best interpreted in the context of your overall clinical evaluation with a physician. Each test has benefits, risks, limitations, and false positives, false negatives. Finally, you are responsible for following up with your primary care physician for your own treatment and diagnosis which we encourage.

Even with the XOXY Credential, you need to act responsibly. XOXY makes every attempt to provide accurate and up-to-date data on those awarded with the XOXY credential but the XOXY credential is based on the data available to the public. You understand that if XOXY and its partners can’t find records due to no mistake of XOXY, XOXY cannot be held liable. You also agree and understand that STDs contracted after a XOXY credential is granted are not the responsibility or liability of XOXY or its partners. Finally, you agree and understand that XOXY and its partners are not responsible or liable for any people you meet using XOXY who have obtained XOXY credential via means of fraud, or misappropriation.