Posted on December 17, 2014 by Bradley

1. Be Yourself – Make sure that your online presence is true to whom you really are. The last thing you want is to play catfish with someone. It other words, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.
2. Don’t Gamble – Your health is the most important, so be aware of a potential dater’s health history. Sexually Transmitted Diseases are easy to spread, and many people do not know if they are even carriers. Using an online dating source, like XOXY, allows people to feel more at ease when meeting new people online.
3. Looks Aren’t Everything – Just because someone looks clean cut, doesn’t mean they have a clean background. Safety should always be on your mind when it comes to online dating. Be sure that your potential daters do not have a criminal history by conducting a background check through XOXY.
4. Accept Rejection – As humans, we face rejection everyday, whether it has to do with our careers or personal life. It happens. When people open themselves up to online dating, they are opening themselves to a world of about four million other online daters. Naturally, not everyone is going find one another to be compatible, so don’t allow yourself to take anything personally.
5. Be Open-Minded – Dating can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s been awhile. But dating also can be a fun experience. Meeting new people, trying new activities and engaging in interesting conversations is nourishing to both our mind and bodies! Be open to interacting with people and let yourself enjoy the moment.

Online dating can be difficult and  is not always straightforward these days, and it’s tough to  find the perfect person to date. Consider these online dating tips, and start searching for that perfect person in your life today.

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