You've got questions –
we've got answers.

  • What problem does XOXY solve?

    XOXY helps you understand what type of person you are encountering when dating. With the XOXY credentials you know if a person is free of felonies, sex offenses and STDs.

  • How does XOXY work?

    You provide XOXY with some basic information about yourself, XOXY will capture a current picture of you and provide the XOXY credential, available on our web site and smartphone app, as well as the websites of our online dating partners.

  • Are you required to submit a current photograph?

    Yes. The photograph must be current as of the time the XOXY credential was issued, or more recent. This guarantees that your photo and the photos of other XOXY members are maximum 6 months old. You also have the ability to update your photo at anytime.

  • How do you verify if a photo is current?

    The photo must be taken by the website application via a webcam on your computer.

  • What if I decide I don’t like my picture on my XOXY credential?

    If you are having a great hair day you can always update your picture via the web or smartphone application at any time.

  • What STDs do you test for?

    XOXY provides STD testing for: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes II, Hepatitis B and C, and HIV-I. We now test for the ZIKA VIRUS for those who have traveled to affected areas and those who show symptoms.

  • Why don’t you test for Herpes I?

    Herpes I is basically cold sores and 56% of the nation’s population has it.

  • What are you looking for in the background check?

    Felony convictions and felony or misdemeanor sex offense convictions nationwide.

  • Do you distinguish between misdemeanor and felony convictions?

    XOXY ignores misdemeanors except in the case of sex offenses.

  • If I don’t choose to be certified how much access do I have to the web site?

    You can sign up for a Search Only membership that will not require you to have a XOXY credential yourself, but will allow you to view credentialed members via the web site or the Smartphone app.

  • What happens if I am rejected for my XOXY credential?

    XOXY will send you an email link to our secure site for details that can be reviewed only by you.

  • What if I don’t agree with your results?

    If you are rejected for testing positive for an STD, we suggest that you consult your physician. If you are rejected for possessing a record of a felony conviction or a misdemeanor conviction involving a sexual offense you will have to contact the reporting agency or jurisidiction.

  • Will everyone know I was rejected?

    No. If you are rejected you simply don’t get the XOXY credential. No one will know whether you were rejected or just never applied.

  • What do I get for my money?

    You get the credential that shows you have passed the STD testing, cleared of felony convictions and are a person looking to be in a safe relationship. This credential is viewable to all XOXY Credentialed and Search Members, as well as through our partner dating sites.

  • How long is the certification good for?

    The XOXY credential is valid for 6 months.

  • How are you avoiding HIPAA violations?

    XOXY does not provide any Protected Health Information (PHI). You either have the XOXY credential or you don’t. If you do not receive the XOXY credential, there are no details available to the public to indicate if it was for STD, criminal or sex offenses.

  • Why can’t I be tested on my own and submit a form from my doctor’s office and still be certified?

    XOXY has a cost effective, tested system that ensures the granted certification is valid. The security and verification mechanisms required to make sure XOXY actually received a valid, current outside test on the correct applicant would be cost prohibitive.

  • Will there be an age limit; too young too old?

    You must be 18 years or older to apply.

  • What is the goal here?

    To offer an enhanced level of dating peace of mind by providing a pathway for ensuring the health and safety of the dating population.

  • How do you guarantee the person is telling the truth?

    As we are all aware, there are no guarantees in life. XOXY gathers currently available public records information on the individual we background check.

  • What information do you share with others?

    None. Your XOXY credential is the only thing anyone else will see. Background check and STD details are confidential and are not available to XOXY employees or its affiliates.

  • How do I know if my information is secure?

    XOXY follows all of the latest security procedures.

  • How does the app work?

    Both the smartphone app and the web app display your XOXY Credential and also allow you to search for other XOXY Credentialed members. You can also share your credential with non-XOXY members.

  • How does the app work with the dating site?

    In the case of our dating site partners, they will simply display the XOXY Credential next to your name. They will also display our current photo. With some dating site partners, you can actually filter to show only those members that have the XOXY Credential.

  • Does the app work on Android and Apple?

    Yes, on both Android and Apple. A Windows phone app is presently in development.

  • Can I display my certification on other dating sites or on social media?

    XOXY has plans to allow you to register your XOXY credential with the dating site of your choice, or to register your dating sites with XOXY. XOXY anticipates integration with other social media resources in the near future.

  • Do you share my information with other dating sites?

    XOXY will only share your credential and photo. No other details will be provided.