Posted on November 14, 2014 by Bradley

The first date . . .few things are quite as important as making the right impression, and where you go has a lot to do with how that impression forms in your date’s mind. So, what are your best options when you really want things to go well?

Here are a few of the best choices you can make.

Go for Breakfast – Who said your first date has to be at night? Try something a bit different and invite her out for breakfast. Choose something amazing like a fancy hotel that serves hollandaise sauce and show her that breakfast doesn’t have to be the most boring, rushed meal of the day. Afterward, take a walk through a nearby park together before going your separate ways.

Five Course Meal at Five Restaurants – A five course meal can be amazing, but it’s even more exciting if you change the scenery between courses. The key to this one, though, is having a good plan in place. Without it, you may end up sending your date home early. Read the reviews, choose the best spot for each course, and make sure they have amazing food!

The Farmer’s Market – Every town has one, and while they’re not all alike, most of them are amazing in their own way. Explore yours, hit the food trucks, taste everything, and if you’re feeling really brave, choose some ingredients to cook dinner together back at your place. It’s a chance to show off your culinary skills and impress her!

The Soup Kitchen – No, you’re not looking for a cheap meal here, but a volunteer opportunity that will let the two of you get to know each other in a very different way. Soup kitchens are always looking for help, and what better way to begin your relationship than with a bit of altruism?

Your first date really does matter, so you’ll want to take planning seriously, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a traditional first date to make a great impression. Get creative!

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