A few simple steps to safer dating.


Create an account by clicking on BECOME A MEMBER NOW or by clicking on any of the orange JOIN NOW buttons, provide us with your name, email, username, password and accept the Terms of Use. We’ll email you a link to activate your secure account.


After activating your account you’ll need to tell us about YOURSELF by completing your profile providing us with your address, phone, date of birth and your social security number. This information is essential to perform the background check and to notify you of test results- no test results or background data are held by XOXY or available to XOXY employees.


Once you have completed your profile we’ll ask you to authorize the background check. We’ll then securely and electronically provide your data to our background checking partner Accurate Background. We usually have results back in 24 hours or less. Once we do, we’ll send you an email with a link back to XOXY for the next step. If there are any issues we’ll provide you a secure hyperlink to Accurate Background to review the results. XOXY has no visibility to your results.
If you have selected the STD credential, you will download the release form to take to your doctor. Encrypted results are sent by your doctor via Sfax to a third party HIPAA compliant provider.


You don’t have to wait. You can take your photo at any time during the credentialing process from the website using a webcam. You must complete this step before we can issue your credential. Sorry, no uploads of existing photos!


Once you have passed both the background check and/or lab tests and provided us with a current photo, you will receive your XOXY Credential. Your credential will be displayed on your profile and you can download the XOXY app and carry it with you.
If you do not pass there is no stigma, your information and results are not visible.
Stand Out from the Crowd with XOXY!


Congratulations! Now you can date with confidence. Meeting someone for the first time? Check them out on XOXY first. When clubbing, be sure to ask the person you meet to show you their XOXY Credential.


By using our mobile app, you can promote yourself either online or in person with your XOXY Credential. Let people know just how safe you are.


Find someone you like that isn’t XOXY certified? Date safe and send a XOXY referral before taking the next step.