Posted on December 2, 2014 by Bradley

Remember when your mother used to tell you not to talk to strangers? Do you remember when everyone thought meeting someone online was a ticket to trouble? Wow, have the times changed! During the past few years, so much has happened with dating technology. Here are a few highlights.

Online dating has lost its stigma. According to Pew Research, just a decade ago less than half of people thought online dating was a great way to meet people. Now, almost 60% of people think it is possible to meet someone great online. Other reports indicate that as many as 40% of couples in a committed relationship met online at first. As the technology got better, so did the quality of the online dating experience.

Online dating is now popular for everyone. One might think that online dating would be popular with younger people for whom technology is familiar and easy. But research doesn’t indicate that is the case. Online dating is also preferred by people of all age ranges, particularly those in what is considered a “thin” dating market. Thin dating markets mean those groups that typically have a difficult time finding a lot of choices, such as the 45 – 55 year old market, where many people are already in a relationship, or for rural areas where dating activities are more difficult to come by.

Online dating is more successful than people initially might think. Nearly 70% of single people know a couple who met online. Some statistics tout as many as one in five marriages are now the result of an online dating site. While as many as a third of people on an online dating site have never gone on an actual date with the people they talk to on the site, most have and of those meetings, the relationships tend to be long term, even if it doesn’t result in a marriage. Perhaps this is the result of a profile service that allows people to make a more informed “first impression” than a face-to-face meeting might allow.

While online abuse is still a factor (as it is with any social media or other site), the methods to report abuse and keep you safe are much stronger now than ever before. Sites go to great lengths to protect your personal information and identity, keeping careful track of how you can contact and chat with a potential date. With all of the upgrades in recent years, and the statistics showing great results, it is clear that online dating will only become more popular over the next few years.

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