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One of the single best online dating tips is to have the right pictures on your profile. You’re twenty times more likely to get responses by uploading pictures, but it helps if they’re good pictures. Here are some suggestions that will make you appear warm, confident, approachable- in short, like a viable date.


This should be obvious, but there are an awful lot of frowns and scowls in profiles online. Dating tips aside, cheer up- feeling good is good for you! Dating is about having fun, and looking like a political prisoner doesn’t conjure fun images in the mind of a prospective date. Keep your Hamlet impersonations off your profile, okay?

Use Quality Photos 

Your pictures should be sharp, well lit, and have decent resolution. Don’t rely on a photo editor to save a mediocre picture either- playing with the image doesn’t necessarily make it more interesting. Often you just end up making a blurry, washed out mess that’s no use to anyone. These are supposed to be photos that show you off, not distort you. Say no to obscure photos.

Limit Selfies

Also known as self portraits, for those without Web savvy. Everyone has selfies now – it’s what comes of living in a smartphone society. There’s nothing wrong with them, but the kind and number on your profile could convey the wrong message. A profile full of bathroom mirror selfies says that you’re completely self-obsessed or that you’re a shut in who doesn’t have any friends. Or worse, both. Having a selfie or two is fine- just make sure it’s not all you have.

Get out There

Do breakfast with friends, a wine tasting, a day at the carnival- anything that tells strangers that you leave your apartment and have a social life. While you’re out, ask people to snap a few pictures on their phones and send them to you. Any photo featuring you with smiling people or in cool venues is a step in the right direction. Anything that makes you look more worldly and likeable is a sound advice among online dating tips.

Change It Up

Have several photos of yourself in your profile, and vary them as much as possible. A close up portrait is mandatory (here’s where selfies are cool), but have more range than that. Use wide shots that reveal more of your person, shots of your face in profile, shots of you moving, and shots of you talking. Let people get as familiar with how you look as your friends are. It gives potential dates more assurance about your appearance and shows that you’re cool with yourself.

Now look at your profile- that’s much better! So much poise, so tasteful, and done with such little effort you hardly needed any online dating tips. Now that you’re all fixed up, get out there are show the Web what a catch you are!

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