Posted on January 9, 2015 by Bradley

Dating can be just as scary as it is exciting.  There’s a whole new person to learn about, and while most of the time you find out good stuff, there are other times when it’s just the opposite. This is especially true if you happen to discover that some parts of your date’s history are less than perfect – like they have a criminal background.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service that could let you know about those aspects before you get involved with someone? Well, guess what? There is.

XOXY offers a new approach to dating, where you know all the dirty details before you decide to hook up. This can save you a world of trouble, and give you peace of mind when you’re dating someone new. XOXY works by running background and STD checks on its members, looking for things like convictions and felonies, as well as sexually transmitted infections such as Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and more.  If a person’s record comes back clean, they get an XOXY credential, which is basically a stamp of approval saying they have no criminal background and are STD-free.  This credential is then used as part of their profile on internet dating sites to let potential partners know their record is clean.

PeaceofMindDating_XOXYWith XOXY, the guesswork is eliminated when it comes to your date’s background. If they have the XOXY credential, you know with certainty that you’re not dating a convicted felon or someone that’s going to transmit a disease to you. You can enjoy your date fully, feeling confident that the person across from you is safe, reliable, and cares enough to earn his or her credential.

XOXY also gets rid of the need for potentially uncomfortable conversations about unsavory personal histories. When you’re getting to know someone, obviously you’re going to ask questions about their past; what they’ve done, who they’ve been with, etc.  If your date has a history they’re not proud of, this can get awkward fast. The same is true if you’re about to get physical with someone for the first time. Obviously, there are a couple of questions that should be asked before the deed is done, but this can be really uncomfortable for some people – not to mention a mood killer.  But with an XOXY credential, these conversations can be completely avoided because you already have the answers.

Don’t wait to join the XOXY movement and take on a new approach to online dating. Once you have your own credential in place, you can re-enter the dating world with a profile that is proven accurate. You can also look for others who share your belief that online identities should be truthful, and gain the peace of mind you deserve when dating.

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